AUTHENTICITY       works

                                       where security technology has failed us.
Learning from
the past
It seemed like the right thing at the time – but old assumptions wear out, and now we're in dangerous territory.
Didn't we already solve this?
We didn't, for a number
of reasons – but
we're ready now.
The "engine"
A quick look at how
PKI makes Authenticity
actually work .
Putting it together
How the essential parts
of Authenticity
work together.
Authority that
YOU own
Just as you should own and control information that identifies you, you should own and govern the vital records department that attests to your identity.
National security
sounds the alarm
is the solution
hiding in plain sight.

And not just for national security - for personal, business, and ALL online security.
Duly Constituted Public Authority
An ancient and respected concept retooled for
the digital age.
They may seem almost like magic – here's how they work.
The heroes
of Authenticity

Digital signatures
provide the accountability
that will change everything.
History repeating
Sometimes inventors have difficulty communicating with those who can make their creations usable in the real world. PKI has been that kind
of solution-in-waiting.
No excuses now
The misunderstandings
and resistance that have
prevented PKI from
delivering on its promise.
done right
Your private digital file cabinet called MOI (My Own Information) turns information about you into YOUR personal intellectual property. Anyone accessing it will need to sign your NDA and get a license from YOU.
Tired of being owned?
Silicon valley, the NSA, and the botnet builders intend to own you. Read this book to find out how to prevent it.
Get the book
Remember this?
Twenty-five years later, it’s still true.
It's time to fix it.
What's taking so long?
If you're involved in business decisions ...
IMAGINE – Fixing the BIG mess ...
It's not your imagination
With the increasing frequency of breaches and ransomware, is there anything a CEO can do
to secure the enterprise's data? Does security technology
even work at all?

Authenticity and your business

Whether your network is cloud-based or on premises, chances are you have outsiders such as contractors, suppliers, distributors, and others accessing your precious digital assets. Learn how a program of enrollment to digital identity certificates and a policy of DSE — digital signatures everywhere — will bring pervasive accountability, and with it real security, to your enterprise.

Free white paper

HAVE Identities Before You MANAGE Them
Authenticity and Accountability in Identity-Critical Environments

This breach caused 1000 times the $250 million losses of the Equifax incident

Security technology is not working. Without measurably reliable identities and accountability, your door is wide open to nefarious action by intruders and inside bad actors. Read how the unthinkable happened to a multi-billion-dollar company that spiraled into astonishingly quick bankruptcy because of a shockingly elementary — and preventable — breach.

Common sense is knocking

For a physician 150 years ago, a substantial part of medical training was about bloodletting. Is security technology — built on the assumption that you can catch the bad guys by looking at the stream of bits they send — today's bloodletting? This spoof
white paper will make you smile — and think.

Free white paper

Best Practices in the Use of Bloodletting Technology
and Information Security Technology

High-altitude view
It's time for something
completely different
Things are NOT working.
A big problem requires
a big change.
Osmio's place in a new coalition of time-tested ideas brought together to rescue our information infrastructure.
You own Osmio
Just as you own the city where you live, you – the online resident – own the City of Osmio.
Identity Quality
How sure are we that an
identity credential actually represents the person it claims? IDQA™ provides
the technology behind
measurably reliable identities.
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